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Starting a Chapter

Project Smile Global aims to fight oral health disparities through starting chapters with motivated individuals from around the world. According the World Health Organization, close to 3.5 billion people struggle with oral related diseases. That is a 50% percent increase in oral health problems in the past 30 years! Join us in bringing these numbers down through fundraising and educating underserved communities in your local area. Learn more about starting a chapter below. 

How to Start a Chapter

Join us in making a change in oral health worldwide. Start a chapter today and get involved!

Please email if you have any questions.

Know Your Local Community

Conduct research on underserved areas of your local community, as well as surveying to gain knowledge into oral disparities your community might face. Familiarize yourself with local dentists, community leaders, and dental schools in your area.

Recruit Your Team

Each chapter requires a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer in their team. Remember to share this guide with your team, and continue expanding your chapter!

Find a Sponsor or an Advisor

An ideal candidate for this role will likely be a faculty or staff member at your school or community center. They should have strong commitment and experience in working with youth and young adults. Please also make sure to schedule meetings with them for updates (i.e. biweekly or monthly).

Obtain Approval from Us

Once you have assembled your team and have found a suitable sponsor/advisor, please schedule a virtual meeting with us to gain additional insight into starting a chapter by filling out this form

Hold Your First Meeting

Please make sure to have a member sign-up sheet, share our mission statement, set goals, and have an action plan ready.

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